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History of Rows revealed by interpretation panels

Artist Paul Patterson has created a series of panels to help locals and visitors reimagine Great Yarmouth's historic Rows, revealing their centuries of history.

Part of GYPT's Rows Project, the 7ft by 5ft aluminium panels have been inspired by research conducted by volunteers, who sourced historical information from archives and oral history interviews. The panels illuminate the fascinating history of this medieval street system, revealing the lives of the many people who have called them home over the centuries.

Paul (a Trustee of GYPT) has digitally enhanced historic photographs and blended them with others from the same period to produce vivid recreations of Great Yarmouth through time, providing a window into the town's fascinating past. The panels follow a timeline beginning with the Rows' medieval origins, through to the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian periods. One panel also reflects on the Second World War, and the devastation wreaked on the town during frequent aerial bombardment.

You can view the panels in the disused window recesses of Row 85, where they are currently being displayed as part of wider improvement works.


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