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Professional design and conservation consultancy

Norfolk Conservation Ltd. was developed in response to the challenges facing the outstanding heritage of Great Yarmouth and its surrounding area, a lack of traditional building skills and knowledge, and high local unemployment rates. As a social enterprise, the company is centred on social values and uses heritage conservation as a tool to support the local community. The company is owned by Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust, and all profits are used to support the work of the Trust.


Norfolk Conservation Ltd. offers a wide range of services and conservation advice for homeowners, businesses, councils and community groups.

To learn more, or to enquire about services, please visit Norfolk Conservation Ltd.'s website.

repointing 2.jpg
repointing 1.jpg

Flint/brick repointing and consolidation of the Town Wall, 2016

sailors 2.jpg
sailors 1.jpg

Remodelling and painting of the Fisherman's hospital tympanum, 2017

tomb 22.jpg
tomb 2.jpg

Tomb restoration in Great Yarmouth Cemetery, 2014

before after door.jpg

Stonework consolidation on Great Yarmouth Minster, 2014

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