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135 King Street is a Grade II listed merchant’s house, which the Trust purchased in 2013. The majority of the fabric is 17th century, with flint and brick on the side elevation in the Row and an interior beam dating to the 16th century. The shopfront is likely to have been rebuilt in 1830. The building was well known in the town as the long-standing Howkins Jewellers, but its state of disrepair had entered it onto the Buildings at Risk Register.

To learn more about the building and its past inhabitants, please read Paul Davies’ article for the Great Yarmouth Local History and Archaeological Society.

Works were contracted to Wellington Construction Ltd., who worked under the supervision of the Trust to repair the building and convert the space into a new set of offices, a community centre and residential space.

During works, the Trust discovered extensive 18th century panelling, still painted in its original colours. Behind this panelling was found to be an even older painting, dated to 1650, which was carefully conserved by lecturers and students from the Estonian Academy of Arts and the University of Lincoln. To view the conservation report written by Merike Kallas, please click here.

Thanks to the works undertaken, the building was able to be removed from the Buildings at Risk Register.

The project was funded by: Heritage Lottery Fund; Townscape Heritage Initiative; Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust and Great Yarmouth Borough Council.

King Street: Layers of Life

In 2014, Marisa Alaoui, an art student, took 135 King Street as the basis for her reportage project.

"An animation and series of imagery looking at the preservation undertaken by Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust inside 135 King Street that may be unknown to many. The building has evolved over many centuries and continues to evolve today. The Preservation Trust faces the challenge of honouring the past through preservation whilst allowing the inevitability of change. I explored this concept through layers of collected materials, time, history, texture and sound. Many thanks to Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust and the workers inside 135 King Street for their help with this project."

To see Marisa’s work, please click here.

Watch her animated video below.

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