Wish You Were Here Heritage Conference

20th October 2016

St George’s Theatre, Great Yarmouth

Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust and Great Yarmouth Cultural Heritage Partnership hosted a major national conference exploring the significance of seaside cultural heritage and its role in the future development of coastal resorts. The day was a huge success, with delegates travelling from all over the country as well as many from the local area. We welcomed a fantastic collection of speakers who delivered a diverse range of talks from the mods and rockers of Great Yarmouth to how we can preserve identity and contribute towards placemaking in seaside areas. 

Conference Themes:

The British Seaside resort, often emblematic of social and economic developments as well as changing tastes, has remained a fixture of British culture and heritage since the 18th century.  Quickly emerging as a cultural phenomenon alongside the advance of the pleasure industry, the seaside town has shaped a unique and often quirky identity, which has since generated a shared public nostalgia for this distinct culture. Wish You Were Here explored the significance of seaside heritage, investigated its undulating history as well the challenges it has faced in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Being situated in Great Yarmouth, ‘Wish You Were Here’ aptly addressed the social, economic and cultural conditions of seaside towns, discuss the importance of coastal heritage and considered the uniqueness and other worldliness of the place between land and sea.  


Speakers for the day inlcuded:

Keynote Speaker: Anna Keay (Landmark Trust)

David McDonald (IHBC)

John Schofield (Univeristy of York)

Sara Crofts (HLF)

David Allen (Allen Scott)

Esther Graham (Scarborough Museums Trust)

John Knell

Jonathan Clark (Big Lottery)

Darren Barker (GYBC)

Charlotte Paddock (GYBC)