160 King Street

The 500 year old Grade II listed building, which has been neglected since 2001, has been compulsory purchased by the council in order to get the repairs needed for it, however when it is uncertain when the work will start.

This building is the last timber framed building in the urban area of Great Yarmouth, so it's very imporant to keep it from collapsing. 

Previously the council had tried getting the owners to make improvements, these were not done, as well as conservation based improvement notices, however these were not complied with either. Due to this, the council purchased the property, and will be working in partnership with the Great Yarmouth Perservation Trust to restore the building and allow it to be used once again.

Based off similar buildings down King Street, estimates show the building will cost a total of £350,000 to repair.

The reason for the complusory purchase is due to the fact that the building is in such a poor state, they don't believe it would sell on an open market, meaning the repairs would not happen for potentially many years, which by that point the building might not be able to be repaired.