Town Wall Towers

Staying in the Medieval South-East Tower

Bookings are now being taken to stay in the stunning medieval tower in Great Yarmouth. 

The tower sleeps 4-6 people with one double bed, two singles and two air mattresses. There is a fully equipped kitchen and dining area, a living room and a bathroom featuring its very own well! 

The cost of the tower is £100 per night, with a minimum stay of two nights. Discounts available for long stays. 

To enquire, please contact 

Plans for Town Wall Tower

The South East Tower is part of Great Yarmouth’s mediaeval town wall. The lower part of the tower is 14th century the upper part is 16th century. The Preservation Trust is delivering a project for Great Yarmouth Borough Council, owners of the tower, to repair and undertake a very light conversion for holiday use.

The Trust has drawn up the scheme and will manage and supervise the works. We have surveyed and recorded the tower and works are due to begin in 2014. Revenue generated from holiday lets will be used to maintain the tower into the future.

NE view of SE Tower, photographed by Derek Jackson    Entrance, SE Tower, photographed by Derek Jackosn   View from balcony, SE Tower, photographed by Derek Jackson








The South East Tower is perfectly situated for heritage tourists, being very close to the Great Yarmouth Potteries Museum, Time and Tide Museum, historic South Quay and the King Street area.  The tower was last used by Great Yarmouth Potteries some years ago and has changed little over the centuries.  It still has arrow slits, a stone basement well, and a balcony offering views across Yarmouth to the seafront.  It is set in one of the best preserved sections of the wall.

The proposal is to convert the tower to include a living room on the top floor, a kitchen on the fourth floor, a bedroom on the third floor, another bedroom on the ground floor and a bathroom in the sub-basement.

Staircase, SE Tower, photographed by Derek Jackson   1st Floor, SE Tower, photographed by Derek Jackson








Great Yarmouth Town Wall

It is claimed that historic Yarmouth has the second best preserved medieval town wall in England, after York.  The town wall, a Scheduled Ancient Monument, traces its origins to 1261 when King Henry III granted permission to enclose the town with a wall and ditch.

It took years to complete – the main work was finished in 1346 but continued until about 1400.  The fortification, which was last manned during the English Civil War, was more than 23 feet high and 2,280 yards long, with 10 gates and 16 towers.

Ground floor entrance, SE Tower, by Derek Jackson   Stairwell, SE Tower, photographed by Derek Jackson   Interior showing beams, SE Tower, by Derek Jackson