St. Johns - Kneeler Cushion Project

The project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, is to be based around the kneeler cushions or "hassocks" which are currently situated in St. Johns Church on York Road in Great Yarmouth. The kneeler cushions are currently in various degrees of disintegration and show variation in techniques and abilities of needlework. This project is to initially focus on the recording, cleaning and repairing of the old kneelers, leading on to some workshops designing and making new kneeler cushions. The design and development of ideas for the new kneeler cushions are to reflect on many themes which could be based on or around the Church or other personal stories. Techniques and style of needlework can be diverse and creatively free to what the participants would like to use. These will be worked on in regular weekly meetings or gatherings and at home by their creators. Towards the end of July the old and new kneeler cushions will feature in an open exhibition held at St. Johns.

We are currently looking for participants to get involved in the St. Johns Kneeler Cushion Project:-  




We require participants to create some new kneeler cushions to feature in a exhibition alongside the conserved/ repaired old kneelers. New kneelers are to be created using various techniques of needlecraft. The theme and design for the new kneelers is open to interpretation. Workshops will look at existing kneelers at St. Johns and other churches but can take inspiration from a series of research activities. This will mainly be through a series of "Drop In" workshops based at Great Yarmouth Library but will include a tour of St. Johns Church and the Library Archives.

We require a small group of volunteer trainees to carry out textile conservation on the old kneeler cushions at St. Johns. This will include survey work to record the condition and design of the kneeler cushions to then clean them ready for any conservation or repair work. No previous experience is necessary as full training will be provided. This is due to start on 21st April 2017.

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