The Stories of St. John's

Inside the church there were various documents recording the history of the church, so the Stories of St. John's project was made to record and conserve all those documents, as well as asking people for stories they know about the church. These stories will then be turned into a commemorative book which will be shared for people to see. 

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The various plaques located inside the church were catalogued, and can be found below.

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There has been seven documents so far that have been chosen to be conserved, these were picked for various reasons, such as; the condition in which they were found in, how old they are, as well as their importance to the town's history.

One of these documents found was a roll of honour list, in which 160 people who fought in the war are listed. This document is unsual however, because it features the names of both those who died, and survived the war. The names are also divided between those who were in the army, and those in navy. When the document was found, it was covered in mould, as was therefor not safe to be touched or seen up close until it had been cleaned. After conservation work was done, the document is now free from mould, and is now viewable from a close distance, with this document planned to be shown at the Skippings gallery. 

This will involve some paper conservation work and training. Research and recording. Transcribing and documenting with volunteers. Anyone interested in getting involved in this project please contact Carol on or by phone 07887711102