The Rows

As part of a £800,000 lottery funded project, £50,000 of it is going towards getting the rows new signs to be put back on display on the appropriate row.

The Rows Project aims to focus on enhancing the unique historical town rows of Great Yarmouth dating back to Mediaeval times. To celebrate these once heavily populated areas, where townsfolk worked, lived and played; the Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust is providing oppertunities to get involved in building conservation training, volunteering, research, recording, documenting and creative activities.

After years of the rows not having any signs, some only having painted numbers, all 62 of the 150 original rows that remain got signs added once again. The names on the signs were mostly decided based off what they are currently known as, due to the rows having been renamed many times over the years, it would be close to impossible to call them by their original names.

All the new signs were delivered to the Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust, and started going onto the walls from Wednesday 20th June, with all of them being erected by Friday 22nd June.

Over the next two years the rows will be getting various repairs, as well as information being on display for people to see. Most of the repairs will be handled by Norfolk Conservation LTD. 

Icon Street Level (223.4 KB)

Part of the project is the ongoing task of keeping the streets of Yarmouth clear of litter. The 'Street Level' team will be meeting up weekly on Tuesdays to make Yarmouth a better place by making it look nicer by initally simply getting rid of all the litter that is prevalent around the town.

Flower beds have now started to be added around the rows, focusing on areas that have flowerbeds that have been left abandoned in the past, but are still usable. The first area chosen was on King Street, just outside the enterance to Row 126 - Robin's Half Row. This was done alongside Iceni Care, with some flowers being donated by the community gardeners patch in St. Georges Park. We will also be accepting any donated plants, and finding new homes for them.

The street level team is lead by Rachel Harrison, and if you want to take part in the project, you can visit us at 133 King Street at 10 on Tuesdays or get in contact with Rachel by email at or call 07785750129.