33 King Street

The Grade II listed 17th century merchants house, which was last used as an american style restaurant, was abandoned and became derelict and in need of repair.

Fatso's was bought in 2017 by the Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust, with the goal of restoring the building, and converting it into an office and residential area. The work started in Febuary 2018 by Quinn LTD, with the planed finish date to be in September/October 2018. The office will be used by the Sue Labert Trust. The project's predicted costs is £400,000, with the funding being provided by HLF, Sue Lamert Trust and GYPT. 

So far most of the extenal work has been finished, with the roof repaired, the windows replaced and the modern paint removed. The only parts left to finish is the storefront to be replaced, railings installed and some internal work still to be completed.

During the work, objects of significance were found, including various pieces of wallpaper from different time periods. Whilst it may look insignificant, these can be used to tell the history of the building, and show how it has changed over the years.

An archaeological dig was carried out by Cathy Mijatovic in one of the fireplaces, all the items found were catalogued with a report written about it. The report can be found below.

Icon Archaeological dig by Cathy Mijatovic (9.6 MB)