War Memorial

The Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust worked with a team of students from Great Yarmouth College to conserve a First World War memorial which marked the anniversary of the conflict. The memorial had been in storage for three decades prior. The wooden plaque, which is about five metres wide, displays the names of hundreds of fallen soldiers and the dedication reads:

“In Honour of the Old Boys of the British, Nelson and Trafalgar Road Schools”

The plaque is thought to have been removed in the 1980s during remodelling works at what is now St George’s School, in St Peter’s Road. In around 2002, a member of the public contacted the trust to offer up the memorial, which had been stored in a barn.

The trust did not have a large enough space in which to carry out the restoration, so the plaque was put in storage again, until November 2013 when the borough council gave the Cemetery Chapel to the trust to become a conservation workshop. Under the guidance of Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust, students studying basic construction at Great Yarmouth College worked to restore this piece of history to its former glory. This was achieved as part of the nationally-acclaimed Cemeteries Project, alongside William Wallace, one of the Trust’s conservers.

The plaque is in three sections and is constructed with timber side panels and a central bronze panel, each listing the names of former pupils of the three schools who were killed in the Great War. The memorial is virtually complete, but had become dirty over the decades and a number of the timber panels were also in need of repair. The team cleaned the memorial and added a wax coat to help protect it for the future, with the project being completed in the summer. The main plaque is now on display in St George's Primary School on St Peters Road, and was unveiled in November 2017

Cllr Bernard Williamson, the trust’s chairman and Great Yarmouth Borough Council’s cabinet member for transformation and regeneration, said: “The borough lost scores of young men in the First World War. And restoring this memorial is a fitting way to honour their memory and sacrifice, especially as 2014 is the centenary of the outbreak of the conflict.”

William Wallace, who began as a trust trainee on the Cemeteries Project, said: “It is most appropriate that young people are involved in preserving for future generations a piece of their heritage and the memories of former students. The project, which demonstrates the benefits of the trust’s training programmes, also helps to create a much-needed local resource of building conservation skills, as the students are also involved in ongoing conservation work on King Henry’s Tower and some of the historic monuments in the cemeteries.”

Gary Jefferson, director of engineering and construction at Great Yarmouth College, said: “The restoration of this monument is a real honour for our students. They have put a huge amount of effort into the cemetery project and this restoration is particularly important given that this year marks the centenary of the start of the Great War. They will undertake a research project at the college to support their work at the cemetery of which we are really proud to support and hope we will be to do so for many years.”

All the names are listed below, and we would love to hear from anyone who knows about these individuals – where they lived, what they did for a living, which regiment they belonged to, and where they died. 

Names on main bronze section.

Amis R.G. Balem F. Barkaway L. Baxter F. Beevor W. Bensley J. Berry G. Bracey H. Brown J. Brown R.A, Brunnig G.W. Burrell E.H. Burrell T. Cann S. Cann W.B. Carr L.E. Carrier O. Carter F. Chapman W.J. Childs H. Chittleburch H. Colby W. Cole C.S. Collins R. Condon J. Cox A.J. Crowther J. Darnell F. Davy W. Dodson H. Doyle T. Drury H. Durrant L.F. Durrant S.C. Ellis J.S. Elliston C. Francis J.H. Francis W. French A. George J. Goddard A. Goldstone Goldstone L. Gowen R. Grant F. Griffiths A.E. Green F. Green G. Green R. Gunn C. Hammant W.H. Hammond J. Hammond L. Hellenburgh A. Hellenburgh G. Hodds J. Hodds W. Holmes A.E. Howard E. Ives A. Jackson R. Johnson C. Johnstone C.A. Johnstone W.E. Jordan W. Kennedy V. Lake A.W. Lawson E.E. Leggett C. Lewis T. Littlewood E. Long F. Markwell C. Mayes F. McQueen A. Meadows R. Nobbs H. Palmer E. Pestell R. Platford C.A. Postle C. Ransome B. Ransome H.C. Rivett A. Rivett L. Rosie J. Royal J.A. Seaman A. Sherwood J. Shute W. Skippen P. Stone S. Sudder A. Symonds R. Taylor J. Taylor W. Timby J. Utting B. Waterton F. Watson A.V. Welton E. Wilson H. Woods J. Woolsey G. Wright J.

Names on boards.

Abel A.J. Alexander W. Aldred T.F. Algar A. Algar B. Ames R.G. Ames W. Amis A. Amis P. Amis S. Amis W. Andrews R. Annison G. Archbold A.T.W. Ayers H. Ayers H. Bacon C. Bacon F. Bacon T. Bacon W.J. Bailey C. Baker E. Baker G. Baldra A. Baldra R. Baldry R. Baldwin G. Balls E. Bannister R. Barfe S. Barkaway A. Barkaway S. Barrett E.H. Barton C.J. Bartram R. Bately A. Bately C. Batley J. Batley R. Beales C.V. Beales H. Beales S.E. Bean C. Bean E. Bean F. Bean J. Beck W. Beckett A.B.V. Beckett A.J. Beckett B. Beckett H.V. Beckett L. Beckett W. Bensley J. Berry A.R. Berry L. Berry S.R. Bird A. Bird J. Blake C. Blake J. Bland E. Blandon R. Bliss H. Bliss R. Bloom J.R. Blyth A.A. Blyth H. Blyth L. Blyth P. Blyth S. Boldra H. Boldra W. Bond E. Bond P. Bonner K. Boulton A. Boulton A.V. Boulton F.W. Boulton R. Boulton S. Boulton W. Bowles J. Bowles J. Boyce E. Boyce P.A. Boyce W.B. Boyce W.H. Bracey E. Breeze C. Breeze F. Brianton W. Bridges J. Brock S. Brooks A.J. Brooks C. Brooks C. Brooks E. Brown A.A. Brown A.S. Brown B. Brown C. Brown F. Brown F.A. Brown J. Brown J. Brown J.A. Brown P.W. Brown R. Browne A. Bryanton W.S. Buck W. Bucklingham C.F. Bultitude A. Bunn O. Bunn R.H. Burgess A. Burrell R. Burrell S. Burwood H.Butler B. Byatt C.R. Byatt L. Calver R. Cann W. Carr A. Carr A. Carr L.A.G. Carrier B. Carrier H. Caton H. Caton W. Cattermole C. Chambers C. Chapman J.S. Chapman R.J. Chapman W. Chapman W. Chatten J. Chelmsford R. Chittleburgh C. Christian H. Christian R. Chubbock C. Chubbock J. Clarke D. Clarke S. Clarke V. Clutton J. Cobb A. Cobb L. Cobb S. Cole B. Cole E. Cole S. Coles H. Coleman B. Collins R. Colman W.R. Condon C. Condon S. Coney J. Cooper F. Cooper H. Cooper S. Cornish E.W. Cox H. Cox W. Crickmer E. Crook S.M. Crook W.E. Crowther J. Crosswell A.E. Curtis C. Cutting S. Darby E.E. Darby F. Darby R. Darnell H. Davey A. Davey C. Davis T. Dawson H.G. Ditcham C. Ditcham H. Dix B. Dodson A. Dodson D.C. Dodson W. Doic E. Dove A. Driver A.J. Driver P. Driver V. Dudley L. Dudley L. Duffield P.E. Dugdale A. Dugdale W. Durrant A.T. Durrant V. Eastoe H. Edmonds E. Edwards G.H. Edwards G. Ellett A.E. Elliott A. Elliott A.G. Ellis A. Ellis C.J. Ellis E.A. Ellis P.C. Ellis W. Elliston L. England A. Esherwood J. Ewles A. Ewles J. Farman S. Farrant J. Farrow A. Farrow F. Farrow W. Fernie C. Fernie F. Field R.H. Fish A. Fish B. Fish C. Fish F. Fitzgerald E. Flaxman C. Flaxman W.R. Fleetwood S. Fleming G. Fleming R. Ford T.H. Frankland H. Frazer A. Frazer G. Freemantle C. French F. French C.F. French J. French L.R. French T.J. Fuller H. Fuller J. Fuller S. Futter B. Futter F. Gallant J. Gallie D. Gallie R. Gardiner F. Garrod J. Gay C.A. Gear G. George A. George W. Gibbs F. Gibbs S. Gilham E. Gilham H.C. Goddard G.A. Goddard H.J. Goddard S. Goddard V. Godfrey S. Godsiff E. Godsiff G. Godsiff W. Goldstone J. Goldstone M. Goodram J. Gouge W. Gowen H. Grant A. Grant J. Gravenall C. Gravenall J. Green F. Green C.E. Green R. Green W.G. Greenacre R. Greenwood W. Grice F.G. Grice S.G. Griffen S. Griffin B. Griffiths A. Griffiths B. Hale C. Hammond. Hammond J. Hardy J. Haris W.J. Harrison C. Harrison H.H. Harrison J.E. Harrison L.W. Harrison R.E. Harrison S.A. Harrison S.G.V.M. Harrod A.E. Harrod A.G. Hartwell J. Hatch A. Haylett A.A. Haylett G.T. Hazell E.J. Hazell T. Head C. Heath F. Herman T.W. Herning. Hewitt E.G. Hill E.E. Hill R.J. Hodds C. Hodds G.R. Hodds J.B. Hodds V. Hogarth T. Holdsworth H. Holmes F.H. Holmes H. Holmes R.M. Holmes T.W. Hovell H.A. Howard G. Howard. Howard H. Howard W. Howe A. Howe W. Howes C. Hubbard G.J. Hubbard J. Hubbard R. Hubbard W. Hunn G. Hurren W. Isaacs R. Ives A. Ives G. Ives P. Ives R. Ives S. Jackson F. Jackson G. Jarrad G. Jay H. Jay. Johnson I.F. Johnson J.H. Jonston J.W. Julier R. Kennedy P. Kent A. Kent B. Kent J. Kilsby S. King H.C. King D.C. King W. Kittle S.A. Lacey A. Lacey J. Lane C. Lane R. Langton J. Larke F. Lawler A. Lawler W. Laws W. Lawson E. Lawson J. Lawson S. Lawson T.H. Leggett J. Leman P. Leslie H. Leslie R.R. Lewis F. Lincoln C. Littlewood A. Littlewood P. Littlewood R. Littlewood S. Long C. Long J. Long S.J. Mallett A. Mann J. Mason B. Mason J. Masterson A. Masterson J. Masterson J. Marius W. Markham P. Marshall A. Marshall B. Marshall E. Marshall F. Martins F. Mather H. Mather J. Mather W. Mays G. Mayson A.E. McQueen A. McQueen J.C. Meadows H. Meadows R. Meadows W. Middleton F. Middleton W. Middleton W.J. Miller A.E. Miller A.E. Miller H. Miller W.A. Miller W.A. Mills E. Mills H. Montgomery R.E. Moorley F. Moore A. Moore C. Moore E.R. Moore J. Munday A. Munday J. Mullinsin G. Murrel A. Neave H. Neslen R. Newark W. Newark W. Newby B. Nichols R.J. Nicholson T.H. Overton H. Palmer A.H. Palmer B.V. Palmer E.A. Palmer E.M. Palmer F. Palmer H. Palmer H.C. Palmer J,F, Parton F. Pascoe N.C. Pastons F. Patterson F. Patterson M. Patterson W. Pearce A. Pearson E.J. Pearson H. Peppit J.G. Philips A. Philips W. Philpott E.E. Pitt R. Pitt W. Pitts H. Pitts H.R. Plane J. Plane J. Platford A.E. Platford B. Platford D.A. Platford R.I. Platford V.H. Pledger G. Ponsford W. Popay W. Porter J. Postle A. Postle C. Postle E. Postle S. Powell A. Powell E. Powles E. Powles G. Powles G. Press M. Press R. Priestley D. Priestley J. Pumfrey H. Pye E. Quinton. Quinton. Quinton F. Ransome W. Read J. Read P. Rearden F. Reeve R. Reeve R. Reeve W. Reeve W.F. Rewl W. Richarson W. Riches R. Rising F. Rivett H. Roberts H. Roberts R. Rogers D. Rook G. Rook T.K. Rook W. Roope G. Roper S. Roper W. Rowland A. Rowland J. Royal F. Royal S. Rudd H. Rudd W. Rudrum G. Rump L. Runniff W. Salinger L. Sandell A. Saunders F. Saunders H. Saunders W. Savory C. Savory E. Scott F. Scott S. Scott W. Seago F. Seago J. Seago P. Seado S.A. Seaman A. Seaman A.S. Seaman E. Seaman F. Seaman W. Search F. Shell C. Sherman F. Simnett H. Sills W.E. Smith S.T. Smith P. Smoughton J. Smoughton J. Smowton H. Snowling B. Snowling C. Snowling C. Snowling H. Snowling J. Southey R. Spandler W. Spanton B. Spencer W. Stacey N. Steer R. Steward A. Steward W. Stockman R. Stolworthy H. Stolworthy H.T. Stolworthy S.J. Stone E. Stone T. Suffling C. Suffling C. Sunman F. Sutton H. Sutton J. Sutton R. Swanston H. Swallow G.H. Swallow F. Syder G. Symonds F. Symonds G. Symonds N. Symonds R. Symonds V. Symonds W. Taylor A. Taylor F. Taylor F. Taylor G. Taylor H. Taylor J. Taylor J. Tetheridge E. Thirtle C. Thirtle R. Thompson B. Thompson C. Thompson F. Thompson H. Thompson J.W. Thrower C.W. Thrower J. Thwaite R. Thwaite W. Tune J. Turner C. Turner G. Turrell B. Turrell H. Turrell R. Turrell V. Twitchett H. Twitchett J. Twitchett R. Twitchett W. Tyrell J. Underwood T. Utting C. Utting F. Utting G. Utting H. Utting V. Wade A.M. Wade J. Wallace H. Walpole D.W. Want R.C. Want W.J. Ward A. Ward P. Waters C. Waters J. Waterton C.D. Waterton E.S. Waterton G.S. Waterton H.M. Waterton J.C. Waterton J.G. Waterton W. Watson F.R.C. Watson G. Watson J. Welton G. Welton H. Welton H. Westgate A. Westgate F. Westgate F. Westgate R.G. Westgate W.H. Whittleton E. Wilson A. Wilsher J. Wiseman T. Woods F. Woolsey A. Woolston A. Worton W. Wright C.H. Wright E.P. Wright E.V. Wright H. Wright J.A. Wright P. Wright W. Wright W. Wright W.W.


The British, Nelson School and Trafalgar Road Schools Memorial

Researched by Ros Hoffman, April 2014

Amis R.G.  Richard George, Pioneer, 137108 Royal Engineers Postal Section 10-12-18 aged 22. Mikra British Cemetery, Kalamaria, Greece. Son of Alice Amis of 46 Lancaster Road Great Yarmouth

Balem F.  Frank, Private, 164032 75th Battalion Canadian Infantry 08-06-17 aged 25. Canadian Cemetery No.2 Neuville-St. Vaasrt. Born Feb. 24th 1892. Listed on Canadian Roll of Honour. Only match.

Barkaway L.  Leonard Angus, Private S/43127 “B” Company 10th Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise’s) Berles New Military Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France 17-05-18  Killed in Action aged 23. Son of Arthur Charles and Elizabeth A. Barkaway, of 81, St. Peter’s Road, Gt. Yarmouth. Born and enlisted in G.Y.

Baxter F.  Forbes Smith, 3070/DA Deck Hand, Royal Naval Reserve 31-03-16 H.M. Drifter “John Burn”. Dover (St. James’) Cemetery Husband of Bridget Catherine Baxter, of Row 109, 22, King St., Great Yarmouth http://sussexhistoryforum.co.uk/index.php?topic=3928.0;wap2 Forbes Baxter was one of three men drowned in Dover harbour. Accidental drowning.

Beevor W.  William George John, Private 33149 12th Battalion Princess of Wales’ Own (Yorkshire Regiment) 11-04-18 Killed in Action. Ploegsteert Memorial. Formerly 6206 Norfolk Regiment. Born and enlisted in G.Y.

Bensley J.  James, 335DA Second Hand, Royal Naval Reserve H.M. Trawler “Tettenhall” 23-05-17 Aged 33. Portsmouth Naval Memorial. Husband of Edith A. Bensley, of Victoria Cottage, St. Julian Rd., Caister-on-Sea, Great Yarmouth. Native of Great Yarmouth. “Tentenhall” was a minesweeper mined off Lowestoft. http://www.naval-history.net/WW1NavyBritishShips-Dittmar4AP.htm

Berry G. Not found.

Bracey H.  Herbert J/27638, Boy 1st Class Royal Navy. H.M.S. “Clan McNaughton. 03-02-15, aged16. Chatham Naval Memorial. Son of Emily Bracey, of 55, Lancaster Rd., Great Yarmouth. “Clan McNaughton” was an armed merchant cruiser which founded in Atlantic Ocean north of Ireland with loss of all the 281 crew. http://www.naval-history.net/xDKCas1915-02Feb.htm

Brown J.  Joshua Robert Samuel, Private 57012, 10th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers. 14-09-18, aged 19. Died of Wounds. Ste, Marie Cemetery, Le Havre. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Brown, of 9 Row,136, South Quay, Gt. Yarmouth. Born and enlisted in Great Yarmouth.

Brown R.A. (possibly) Richard John, Private G/8119 6th. Battalion The Queen’s (Royal West Surrey) 12-05-17 Killed in Action aged 23. Arras Memorial. Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Brown, of 17, Churchill Road, Gt. Yarmouth. Born in King’s Lynn, Enlisted Great Yarmouth. Residence Great Yarmouth.

Brunning G.W.  George William, Lance Corporal 240870 1st/5th. Norfolk Regiment. Died in Palestine 19-04-17 aged 35. Gaza War Cemetery. Son of Mrs. H.C. Brunning, of Hope Cottage, Eden Place, Northgate Street, Great Yarmouth. Enlisted in Great Yarmouth.

Burrell E.H.  Ernest, Private 240871 1st/5th. Norfolk Regiment. Killed in Action 19-04-17.  Gaza Cemetery. Enlisted Great Yarmouth.

Burrell T.  Thomas Minster, Private 43436 8th. Battalion Norfolk Regiment. 22-10-16 Killed in Action. Thiepval Memorial. Son of Ernest A. and Kathleen Burrell. Born St. Nicholas, Great Yarmouth, Enlisted Great Yarmouth.

Cann S. Not found

Cann W.B. Not found

Carr L.E. Not found

Carrier O. Not found

Carter F.  F. A. Private G/81837  Middlesex Regiment transferred to (15977) Labour Corps. 24-11-18 aged 32 Coventry (St. Paul’s) Cemetery. Son of Mrs. Amelia Carter, of 51, Tyrolean Square, Cobholm, Great Yarmouth; husband of Eliza Carter.

Chapman W.J.  William James Second Lieutenant 1st Cambridgeshire Regiment. 26-03-18 Killed in Action aged 29 Pozieres Memorial. Son of William and Laura Chapman, of 51, Havelock Rd., Great Yarmouth.

Childs H.  Harold  Private,17437 8th Norfolk Regiment. 01-07-16 Killed in Action aged 18.Thiepval Memorial. Son of Mrs. M. Parmenter, of 19, Wolseley Road, G. Y.  Born and enlisted in G.Y.

Chittleburgh H. E. Private, 43582 8th. Norfolk Regiment. 11-10-16 Died of Wounds. Puchevillers British Cemetery.  Born in Great Yarmouth. Enlisted in North Walsham

Colby W. William Private, 7827 4th Battalion Coldstream Guards 11-10-17 Killed in Action. Born and enlisted in G. Y. Ruisseau Farm Cemetery, Belgium.

Cole C.S. Not found

Collins R.  Robert Corporal 3/7934, M.M. 1st. Norfolk Regiment 03-06-17 Died of Wounds aged 21. Etaples Military Cemetery. Son of Robert Elijah and Mary Collins; husband of Leah May Collins, of 23, Trafalgar Road, G. Y. born and enlisted in Great Yarmouth.

Condon J.  John Private 43747 1st. Essex 05-04-18 Killed in Action. Serre Road Cemetery No. 1. Born, enlisted and resident in Great Yarmouth.

Cox A.J.  Arthur John  Acting Bombadier 1626  Royal Field Artillery 2nd/1st. Norfolk Battery. Died at home 13-10-15 aged 21. Caister Cemetery.  Son of Richard Cox, of 50, Victoria Road, G.Y.

Crowther J. Not found

Darnell F. An R H Darnell is recorded but no F.

Davy W. Donald Douglas but no W.

Dodson H. F. J. but no H

Doyle T. Not found

Drury H.  Henry Albert Corporal G/49735  8th. The Queen’s (Royal West Surrey Regiment) 21-03-18 Killed in Action aged 20 Pozieres Memorial Born in Calthorpe, Norfolk. Enlisted and resided in G.Y. Formerly 11834 Royal Sussex. Son of Mr. and Mrs. T. Drury, of 48, Northgate St., Great Yarmouth. CWGR has number as G/40785

Durrant L.F. Not found

Durrant S.C. Not found

Ellis J.S. Not found

Elliston C.  Cecil Clifford 9206 7th. Norfolk Regiment 13-10-15 Killed in Action aged 19.  Loos Memorial. Son of Thomas George and Elizabeth Elliston, of 93, St. Peter’s Road, G.Y. Born in Bury St. Edmunds. Enlisted in G.Y.

Francis J.H.  Herbert James? Acting/Serjeant 23054 7th. Border Regiment formerly 10538 Norfolk Regiment. MM. 12-07-16 Died of Wounds. St. Sever Cemetery Rouen. Son of James and Charlotte Rosina Francis, of Norwich, Norfolk.

Francis W. Private, 43199 1st. Battalion Norfolk Regiment, 06-08-17 Killed in Action aged 19. Roclincourt Military Cemetery. Son of William and Elizabeth Francis of 55, Winifred Road, Southtown. G.Y.

French A.  Arthur Jacob Elliot   Serjeant 20995 1st. Battalion Norfolk Regiment 06-08-17 Killed in Action aged 25. Roclincourt Military Cemetery Son of Annie Woolsey (formerly French), of 13, Escourt Road, G. Y. and the late John Jacob French.

George J.  James Edward, Private, 10034 6th. Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment, 09-08-15 Killed in Action. Helles Memorial, Turkey. Son of Mrs. Eliza George, of No. 1 Road, 46, Market Place, G.Y.

Goddard A. Not found

Goldstone L.  Leonard  Lance Corporal 44748 12th Royal Irish Rifles. 21-03-18 Killed in Action. Pozieres Memorial. Enlisted and resident of G.Y. Formerly 3320 London Regiment. Son of Mrs. Millie Goldstone, of 130, King Street, G.Y.

Gowen R.  Reginald Isaac Private 331008 11th.Lancashire Fusiliers. 28-05-18 Killed in Action. Soissons Memorial. Formerly 4593 Norfolk Regiment. Born and enlisted in G.Y.. Son of George and Edith E. Gowen, of 46, South Howard Street, G. Y.

Grant F. Not found

Griffiths A.E. Not found

Green F.  Frederick George Lance Corporal 18431 9th. Norfolk Regiment. 30-05-18 Killed in Action aged 19. Belgian Battery Corner Cemetery. Son of Richard and Ada Mary Green, of 41, Devonshire Rd. Great Yarmouth.

Green G. Not found

Green R.  Richard  Private 20139 1st. King’s Own (Royal Lancashire) Regiment. 01-07-1 Died of Wounds Thiepval Memorial. Born and enlisted in G. Y. Son of Richard Green of 41, Devonshire Road, G.Y. and the late Ada Mary Green.

Gunn C. Charles William. Private 32007 9th Norfolk Regiment 21-03-18 Killed in Action. Age 24. Arras Memorial. Born in St. George’s, G. Y. Enlisted in Norwich. Husband of Mildred Eva Gunn, of 15, Nelson Road Central, G.Y.

Hammant W.H. Possibly William Edward, 5561TS, Trimmer Royal Naval Reserve, H. M. Trawler “Burnley”. 25-11-16 aged 32 Chatham Naval Memorial. Son of William and Sarah Hammant, of Great Yarmouth; husband of Beatrice Emma Hammant, of 29, Row 51, Market Place, Great Yarmouth. “Burnley” was a minesweeper based at Harwich. She hit a mine and sank with the loss of 19 men. They are remembered on a memorial on Harwich sea front. http://burnleyinthegreatwar.info/hmtburnley.htm

Hammond J.  Jack William Corporal 112233 11th. Battalion Corporal Tank Corps 25-08-18 Killed in Action. Vis-en-Artois Memorial, France. Formerly 1769 Norfolk Regiment. Born and Enlisted in G.Y. Son of Edith E. Hammond, of 19, Middle Market Rd., Great Yarmouth, and the late John Frederick Hammond.

Hammond L. Not found

Hellenburgh A. Possibly Arthur Robert, 1564, Private, 1st/5th. Norfolk Regiment. 12-08-15. Died. Helles Memorial, Turkey. Born St. Nicholas’ G.Y.

Hellenburgh G. Not found

Hodds J. John Benjamin, Private, 59441 Royal Army Medical Corps, 69th Field Ambulance Boulogne 24-11-16  Died.  Eastern Cemetery. Son of Julia Hodds, of 14, Row 1 16, King St., Great Yarmouth; husband of B. Hodds, of 99, Havelock Rd., Great Yarmouth. Born and enlisted in G.Y.

Hodds W. Possible Walter James, Private 43468 8th Battalion Norfolk Regiment 05-10-16 Killed in Action Thiepval Memorial Born in G.Y. Enlisted in Norwich.

Holmes A.E. Not found

Howard E.  Ernest Henry,Private, 78931 7th. Battalion Royal Fusiliers. 21-08-18 aged 18. Died Serre Road Cemetery. Son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Howard, of 173, Middlegate St., Great Yarmouth

Ives A. Arthur Walter, Private,19615 7th Battalion Norfolk Regiment, 09-07-16 Died of Wounds aged 31 Netley Military Cemetery, Hampshire. Cemetery was behind Royal Victoria Military Hospital.

Jackson R.  Ralph Gordon, Lance Corporal, 9475 9th Battalion Norfolk Regiment, 08-09-17 Killed in Action aged 20. Maroc British Cemetery, Grenay, France. Son of Mrs. Louisa Jackson, of 84, Crown St., Great Yarmouth

Johnson C. Not found

Johnstone C.A. Not found

Johnstone W.E. Not found

Jordan W. Not found

Kennedy V. Possibly Vincent James, Private, 3/8103  2nd. Battalion Norfolk Regiment, Killed in Action 21-04-16, Basra Memorial Born in Norwich, enlisted in G. Y.

Lake A.W.   Arthur Walter,Lance Corporal 7004395 4th. Battalion Canadian Infantry, 09-04-17, aged 30. Canadian Cemetery No. 2 Neuville-St- Vaast. Son of W. W. Lake and Charlotte Lake, of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk; husband of Eleanor Lake, of 1, Gowlett Rd., East Dulwich Rd., London

Lawson E.E.  Probably  Rifleman 204926 22nd Battalion Rifle Brigade 13-11-18 Mikra British Cemetery, Kalamaria, Greece.

Leggett C.  Charles William  Private 4642 68th Battalion Machine Gun Corps (Infantry) 07-01-17 aged 20. Killed in Action. Railway Dugouts Burial Ground (Transport Farm) Son of Mrs. Alice Leggett, of 2, Row 100, Great Yarmouth. Formerly 22239 Norfolk Regiment. Born and enlisted in G.Y.

Lewis T. Tobias Lance Corporal SPTS/4073 23rd. Royal Fusiliers (City of London) 05-10-16 Killed in Action age 29. Euston Road Cemetery, Colincamps. Somme.  Formerly 212 Royal Sussex Regiment. Born G.Y. Enlisted St. Paul’s, London. Resident of Maida Vale, London. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis, of, 74, Sutherland Avenue, Maida Hill, London.

Littlewood E. Not found

Long F.  Frank Charles, Lance Corporal 23200 5th. Battalion Wiltshire Regiment. 25-01-17 Killed in Action aged 21, Amara War Cemetery, Iraq. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Long, of 49, Winifred Rd., Southtown, Great Yarmouth. Born G.Y. Enlisted in Whetehall, Kent, resident of G.Y.

Markwell C.  Charles Samuel Rogers, Boy Telegraphist, J/501631  Royal Navy H.M.S. “Vanguard” 09-07-17 aged 17. Plymouth Naval Memorial. Son of Isaac and Ellen Markwell, of 130, Blackfriars Rd., Great Yarmouth. H.M.S. “Vanguard” exploded in the anchorage of Scapa Flow. Cause of explosion never determined. 835 believed to have been killed and only 17 bodies were recovered. As Charles Markwell is commemorated on Plymouth memorial, his body was not among the 17. http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-at-sea-in-air/royal-navy/3142-hms-vanguard-and-other-accidental-losses-in-british-home-waters.html

Mayes F. Frederick George  Private 34710 11th. Essex. 24-09-18 Killed in Action aged 22. Trefcon British Cemetery, Cauliancourt, France Born, enlisted and resident of G.Y. Formerly 24753 Norfolk Regiment. Son of Mr. A. J. and Mrs. E. Mayes, of 18, Row, 107, King St., Great Yarmouth.

McQueen A. Possibly Albert, Tyneside Z/7285, Anson Battalion Royal Naval 21-08-18 Vis-En-Artois Memorial, France.

Meadows R.unfound

Nobbs H. Not found

Palmer E.Not found

Pestell R. Not found

Platford C.A. Not found

Postle C. Possibly Ernest Charles Private 240383 1st/5th. Battalion Norfolk Regiment. 19-04-17 Died. Aged 19 Gaza War Cemetery Son of Charles and Elizabeth Postle, of Row 101, 4, King St., Great Yarmouth.

Ransome B. Not found

Ransome H.C.Possibly J/94107  Boy 2nd. Class. Royal Navy H.M.S. “Impregnable” 01-05-19 Plymouth (Ford Park) Cemetery. Died of illness, probably ‘flu.

Rivett A. Probably  Algar James, 3066DA, Deck Hand, H. M. Drifter “Clover Bank” 24-04-16 Aged 21, Chatham Naval Memorial. Son of Sarah Elizabeth Rivett, of 125, Beccles Rd., Gorleston, Great Yarmouth, and the late Robert Rivett. “Clover Bank” was sunk along with seven other drifters and one trawler by German destroyers in the Straits of Dover, whilst submarine hunting. http://query.nytimes.com/mem/archive-free/pdf?res=F60F14FE3A5B11738DDDAF0994DA405B888DF1D3

Rivett L.  Leonard Victor, Private 5378, 2nd/1st. Bucks. Battalion, Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry. 26-06-16 aged 18 Laventie Military Cemetery, La Gorgue. Son of Daniel and Ellen Matilda Rivett, of 8, Trafalgar Rd. East, Gorleston-on-Sea. Educated at the Old British School, Great Yarmouth.

Rosie J. Not found

Royal J.A.  James Arthur   Private 5th. 7635 (Royal Irish) Lancers 23-03-18 Aged 21. Special Memorial. Chauny Communal Cemetery British Extension. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Royal, of No. 4 Row 113, King St., Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Seaman A. not found

Sherwood J. Not found

Shute W. Not found

Skippen P.  Ernest Percy,  Private 5802 1st Royal Munster Fusiliers 21-0-15 Killed in Action. Helles Memorial, Gallipoli. Formerly 7471 Lancers of the Line. Born enlisted and resided in G. Y.

Stone S. Not found

Sudder A. Not found

Symonds R.  Robert, Private 18797, 1st. Battalion Northampton Regiment. 20-04-18 aged 23. Loos Memorial.  Son of Robert and Eliza Symonds, of 26, Gatacre Rd., Great Yarmouth.

Taylor J.

Taylor W.  Probably Willie Spanton Sejeant S/24403  Royal Army Service Corps 15-05-19 aged 34. Kingston (Up Park Camp) Military Cemetery, Jamaica. Son of Charles and Eliza Taylor, of 99, Arundel St., Great Yarmouth

Timby J.  John Richard Charles 28th. Battalion Royal Fusiliers transferred to (1273366) 239th. Area Employment Company, attached to Royal Army Service Corps. Labour Corps. 18-02-19 Terlincthun British Cemetery, Wimille, France. Husband of Emily Maria Timby, of 26, Apsley Rd., Great Yarmouth

Utting B. Probably  Serjeant 1615. 1st. Rifle Brigade M.M. 30-10-18 Aged 31 Queant Road Cemetery, Buissy, France. Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Utting, of 11, Ash St., Leicester. Born at Great Yarmouth.

Waterton F. not found.

Watson A.V.  Albert Victor, Lance Corporal 16582 2nd Lincolnshire Regiment 14-08-17 Killed in Action. Poelcappelle British Cemetery. Born and enlisted G.Y. Son of Mrs. May Watson, of 3, Row, 124, South Quay, Great Yarmouth.

Welton E.  Ernest Alfred, Private 29425 1st Bedfordshire Regiment 23-08-18 Killed in Action. Achiet-Le-Grand Communal Cemetery Born, enlisted and resided in G.Y.

Wilson H. not found

Woods J. not found

Woolsey G. ( Probably) George, Private S/40211 4th/5th. (Angus and Dundee) Battalion (Territorial) Black Watch. 26-09-17 Killed in Action. Aged 20. La Laiterie Military Cemetery. Born in Norwich. Enlisted in Kirkaldy, Fifeshire. “D” Company 1st/5th Black Watch Son of Mr. and A. Woolsey, of English Road, Thorney, Peterborough.

Wright J. not found