8 Market Row

8 Market Row Drawing

8 Market Row, a 16th Century house and shop, was severely damaged by fire in 1995. Great Yarmouth Borough Council served a 215 Notice and won the case in Magistrate's Court. This legal mechanism can force the repair of a listed building in a Conservation Area if it can be proved that there has been a detriment to said Conservation Area. Although the Borough won the case, the owners had in the meantime set up a company with no assets and then abandoned the building. The Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust purchased the building for £1, and the shortfall in funding between the £140,000 cost of repairs and the eventual value of the building was met by English Heritage, CAPS and a historic building grant from the Borough.

The structural repairs were completed and the upper stories leased to Orwell Housing Association, who provided £40,000 for the residential refurbishment. The Trust was able to fit out the ground floor shop with a Victorian shop front, complete with wooden shutters which were rescued in the 1960’s by Mr. Malcolm Farrow from Edward’s Cockle Shop in Howard Street, next to the old Corn Hall. This was being demolished and Mr. Farrow saved the shop front from the bonfire. The façade was stored by the Council and reused at 8 Market Row under Darren Barker’s supervision, alterations and fitting being undertaken by Martham Joinery at a cost of £10,000, paid for by a HERS grant.

The retail unit was first rented by SeaChange Arts, which ran a small but popular gallery there for several years, displaying the work of local artists. It is now Thomas Burn Jewellers.