New intern, Desislava

5. April 2015

The newest addition to Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust is our current intern, Desislava Kushelieva. She is a Bulgarian, who has recently obtained a BA(Hons) Architecture degree at Huddersfield University. During that time she completed urban studies in different locations in UK including Sheffield, Liverpool and Huddersfield. During her stay with us, Desi will be helping both with design tasks in the office and hands-on work on various current projects including Hopton Ruined Church and conservation work on the Blackfriars Road section of the Town Wall.


"I first heard about the brilliant projects being delivered by the Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust through Iva who is working with Darren Barker on the conservation project being delivered in Devetaki Plateau in Bulgaria. However, it was when I came to Yarmouth to meet the team and have my interview that I decided to join as an intern and move to Great Yarmouth. I was warmly welcomed. So far my experience with the Trust has been very useful. The Trust has been helping me gain knowledge and experience about the conservation world. I am extremely happy to be given the opportunity to work on exceptional historical projects."

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