First World War Memorial

3. February 2014

First World War Memorial being cleaned

Conservators and volunteers including Great Yarmouth College Students are working to restore a large first world war memorial. The memorial is in three sections and is approximately 5 metres wide. It is constructed with timber side panels containing the names of hundreds of those who were killed, with a central bronze panel on which are inscribed further names.

The memorial is “In Honour of the of the Old Boys of the British, Nelson and Trafalgar Road Schools”.  Other wording says, “For King and Country 1914 - 1918 for Hearth and Home”.

Although complete, the memorial has been badly stored and is covered in pigeon faeces, the acidic effects of which have caused some damage, especially to the bronze. A number of the timber panels are also in need of repair.

To find out more, and a list of names, please go to War Memorial under Projects.

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