Partnership with the Devetaki Plateau Association, Bulgaria

29. October 2013

Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust has been awarded funding from the Headley Trust to deliver traditional skills training in Bulgaria. The Trust will be working in partnership with the Devetaki Plateau Association, a Bulgarian NGO.

The Devetaki Plateau is made up of a collection of villages representing a rare architectural survival. The buildings are constructed from clay, stone and timber using vernacular building techniques dating back hundreds of years.

The two organisations are sharing knowledge, skills and experience to work together in tackling common problems of the loss of traditional building skills, the erosion of cultural heritage and issues of high unemployment and social deprivation.

Traditional Building in North Bulgaria

The Borough of Great Yarmouth and the Devetaki Plateau also share a number of vernacular building traditions including clay lump (unfired earth), thatching and slender timber framed agricultural buildings. These local materials have shaped the character of the historic built environment creating local distinctiveness and adding to the rich cultural tradition.

Working together the two organisations will increase local skills, create employment opportunities, support tourism and safeguard the historic built environment.  The project will begin in early 2014.

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